New tour dates updated for the spring!

Come to see us at the following cities!

Relentless 10 Years Tour:

18.3. Jyväskylä, Lutakko w/ Francine & Melrose
19.3. Helsinki, Virgin Oil Co. w/ Francine
23.3. Tampere, Henry’s Pub
24.3. Helsinki, Lepakkomies w/Buzzkills, Left Behinds
25.3. Lappeenranta, Totem w/ Left Behinds
26.3. Joensuu, Ravintola La Barre w/ Wrist Rodeo
8.4. TBA
15.4. Seinäjoki, Bar 15
6.5 Rovaniemi, Paha Kurki w/ Time Killers
7.5. Oulu, Hevimesta

Ten Years and still kicking!

New year starts great as we are happy to tell you guys that we’ve playing for ten years now! To celebrate we are putting out our first ep “Broken Life” as a new 10″ vinyl release! The vinyl comes with a CD for your digital players in car etc.
On the nostalgy side we’ll be posting some old stuff on instagram and here, so stay tuned.
Our friends at Longplay Music Agency have already booked some nice shows for upcoming spring:

18.3. Jyväskylä, Lutakko w/ Francine & Melrose
23.3. Tampere, Henry’s Pub
24.3. Helsinki, Lepakkomies
25.3. Lappeenranta, Totem
26.3. Joensuu, Ravintola La Barre
8.4. TBA
15.4. Seinäjoki, Bar 15
7.5. Oulu, Hevimesta

More is sure to come and if your interested to have us over, please contact: / +358 50 346 5587

New shows updated!

11.9 Lappeenranta, Saimaa Sunset Festival
11.9 Kouvola, House of Rock

30.9 Kuopio, Henry’s Pub (w/Ilja Teppo Yhteisö)
1.10 Joensuu, Amarillo (w/Ilja Teppo Yhteisö)
2.10 Jyväskylä, Musta Kynnys (w/Ilja Teppo Yhteisö)
3.10 Lahti, Messukeskus. Rock’n’Roll & Burlesgue Night

7.10 Tampere, Yo-talo (w/Ilja Teppo Yhteisö)
8.10 Helsinki, Le Bonk (w/Ilja Teppo Yhteisö)
9.10 Salo, Hometown (w/Ilja Teppo Yhteisö)
10.10 Kouvola, Downtown (w/Ilja Teppo Yhteisö)

BALTIA Back to school! -tour

Here are the updated dates for the tour. We start tomorrow with a free day in Riga!

20.8 POLAND, Suwalki – Kominpub
21.8 LITHUANIA, Mano ir Tavo -festival
22.8 LATVIA, Riga – Depo
23.8 ESTONIA, Tallin – Kulttuuri Klub Klem

Thank You!

Yesterday at Layback Fest was the last show for our spring tour and the feeling is, like we say in Finland: Empty jacket. Thank you everybody who came to gigs! See you in July!

The guy behind the art on our new record.

Tattoo artist Erkka Kaikkonen is the guy behind the drawing on our new record cover. Check out what Erkka is up to:

Where do you work and how did you start?

-At the moment I’m working at Fireline Tattoo Studio in Jyväskylä. I’ve been tattooing for living about a year now.
I started doing tattoos first to pig skin in my home, but
luckily I have some crazy friends, who were willing to let me try tattooing on them
and gave me the possibility to really start learning tattooing art.

What are your influences?
-I think that music is one of the biggest things that inspires me. With music
you can change the atmosphere around you and get the right feeling for your work.

How would you describe your style?
-I don’t know, if I have found my style yet, I think it’s still developing.
I like really much doing realistic stuff, but I’m also a big fan of pinstripe art.
Mayde now I would descripe that my style is somekind of mix of realistic and graphic stuff.